Doing that one thing that you fear the most is the only way you grow, heal and see a miracle in your life. Doing that ONE thing changes your entire life. Problem is our ego tries to keep us stuck. It convinces us doing that one thing we’re so scared of that we’ve never done before is going to hurt us. It makes us doubt and question ourselves. It holds us in a place of anxiety, frustration and fear.

I want you to know right now that it may even sound awfully convincing to listen to the worries the ego feeds you – and when we’re “convinced” we’re comfortable. But being comfortable doesn’t create shifts. Being comfortable doesn’t create miracles. Being comfortable will never get you those things you desire. All it takes is 10 seconds of faith to do that one thing you are so fearful of to change your life forever.

Sure you might get nervous. Sure fears will well up in your mind while it’s happening…but f*&k it…what do you have to lose? If you want it, go get it! You can’t wait around for it…especially when it presents itself and is standing in your doorway. You HAVE to open the door to let it in. Yes your ego will be very creative about explaining all the “what if’s” that could take place…but WHAT IF it’s amazing? It usually is. The outcome is ALWAYS amazing when you bust through the other side and claim what you want. Give it a try – I PROMISE you that you will NOT be disappointed. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I create miracles by busting through my fears.