Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Stop trying to mold and shape your thoughts, words, looks and actions into what you think someone might like or approve of. It doesn’t matter! What matters is you being you. What matters is what makes you smile and be happy. What matters is what makes you feel good.

I spent a large chunk of my life trying to perfect myself into what I thought each individual in my life would appreciate. I didn’t change my personality like a chameleon but just like many of my clients struggling with self-worth and self-love, I would hide parts of who I really was around certain people feeling as if they’d disapprove or criticize. Even if I hadn’t hid parts of me and they did criticize…that would have had nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. But when you base your perception of yourself on what others say or do…you are never going to feel good enough and you are always going to feel hurt of disappointed.

It’s time to start being you. Being the you that you are when you’re all by yourself. The one that doesn’t hesitate before speaking. The one that doesn’t overthink the actions or words of others around them. Be the you that lives to just make YOU happy. The version of you that you really enjoy. The best version of yourself possible. That dolls is the you that YOU love and so that is the you that others will love too. That’s the you that is totally fall-in-lovable! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

The me that I love is the me the world loves.