Ride the tide, flow with the current and just chill out. We are so resistant as humans and as aware as even I am being a spiritual mentor and life coach – I find it fascinating when I encounter myself resisting and have to remind myself to lean back and relax. I remember when I was a kid I could never float very well in the pool. I used to sink. It took me years to really float without my legs dipping under and my butt drifting to the bottom. Call it what you will but having been on a swim team, lifeguarded and taught swimming lessons – it finally clicked why I struggled so much; I was RESISTING the entire idea of what floating was.

Mhmm…follow me here, will ya: I wanted so badly to “float” that each time I got in the pool I’d give it a go. Head back, chin up, toes out of water and no matter how I finagled the position…I sunk. That’s because my body was tight. That’s because my mind was worried, “Will it work this time?” That’s because all my muscles, limbs and extremities were tense to the core because for some reason that seemed like a logical way to really force this idea of floating out of me. But then one day I loosened up. I lightened the load if you will. I relaxed into the water and just said, “If I sink, I sink.” I mean by this point I had sunk a thousand times before…what’s one more time?

But no…this time it worked! This time I stayed on top of the water with ease. I floated and drifted and lightly skimmed around the pool without a care in the world. All effort was gone. No force, no tension, no panic, no worrying thoughts – I just cruised along the top of the water and all it took was chilling out a little bit. That’s it! Dolls…that’s all it takes in life too. When things aren’t going your way…chill out. When nothing you do seems to be working…chill out. Relax, breathe and just float on with ease without a care in the world. You will be fully supported. That water didn’t let me down and I promise you God won’t either! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I relax, breathe and float on with ease trusting that the Universe is fully supporting me.