At some point in your life you said to yourself or perhaps out loud, “I want this _____!” When you confess what it is you want…when you DECIDE, the Universe stops at nothing to bring it to you. That often means that sh*t is going to change. Change isn’t bad, we’ve had this conversation before – BUT it can often look like a mess unfolding before your eyes. That’s okay (I know…”Thanks Amy that doesn’t make me feel better at all,” right?)! I get it….it doesn’t always FEEL okay, but I’m telling you from experience (and a lot of it!)…it’s ALWAYS going to be okay.

Here’s the thing, the Universe/God has a route mapped out for you that blows your ten year plan straight out of the water! There’s sh*t in store for you that you can’t even dream up because when you set those intentions and ask for what you want – don’t EVER expect it to arrive looking the way you thought it would. Don’t EVER expect it to arrive the way you thought it would. It’s going to show up in the most amazing way possible and you’re going to try to wrap your head around it and you can’t because that’s how our all powerful, limitless force operates. It takes what you ask for and gives you it to the umteenth degree. It magnifies it times a billion.

Think up the most intricate storyline possible and recognize that even though you think your plan is so creative and would work out perfectly – God’s plan trumps yours 1000%! He sees sh*t you don’t see. He understands where you need to go and what you need to do before your humanly mind catches up and so the moral of the story is this: Quit planning and just open your arms, look up and say, “I’m Ready!” Because when you release the expectations and let go of the details and let God know you’re ready for whatever he’s got…he’s going to show you what he’s got and it’s going to be f&cking spectacular…WATCH OUT! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I'm ready, show me what you got!