It shows up when you forget about it. Did you know that? It’s true. We all desire something and ask for it, pray about it and perhaps some of you even write your intentions down to manifest them – but the secret that a lot of people don’t know about manifesting something is you have to put it out there and then LET IT GO.

Listen the main ingredient for attracting our desires into our lives is energy. Everything is energy. Our words and thoughts hold a lot of power but when you’re desiring something however your fears and limiting beliefs like to jump on board and play too. We don’t really need them to be involved but they truly can’t help themselves and what happens is we ask, we believe and then we go, “but how”…”when?” We try to plot and plan and figure out all the details and even when we don’t try, our fears like to play a game of peek-a-boo. But when we engage in that game, which we often do as humans – we delay our desires from showing up. They immediately slow down because we just tensed up that energy with worry and doubt.

So the simplest and easiest way to bypass those little fears is to ask for what you want from the Universe and then go focus on something else in the meantime. In order to attract energy your way you need to relax. Relaxing draws it towards you. Relaxing speeds it up. Worrying, doubting, fearing and controlling pushes it the other way, slows it down and essentially blocks it till you chill out. So you want something? You want it now? Go have some fun and don’t worry about it – if you asked…it’s already on it’s way and the less you worry about it, the quicker it’ll arrive! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am letting it go and trusting the Universe to handle the details.