Flow with it dolls. Flow with what’s coming at you. Don’t judge it. Don’t label it. Just allow it all in and let it be what it may. It isn’t our job to judge anything. It’s not our place to label things “good” or “bad” or “wrong” or “right”. It is our job to just simply understand that everything coming at us is showing up to benefit us in some way, shape or form. 

The art of allowing is fun. It turns life into an endless possibility which is exactly what life is. It makes those things you crave and desire show up a lot sooner. I often compare it to floating or sliding down a waterslide. There’s something about water being supportive and strong yet soft that really emcompasses what it feels like to just lean back and float. 

So dolls…when you feel like something’s too heavy for you to handle or perhaps things aren’t going the direction you had planned – relax, breathe and let it all flow. Welcome it all in and trust there’s a reason for it. Envision yourself floating in the waves of the ocean. They ebb and flow but if you tense up, you’ll sink. But if you keep your chin up, relax and just trust the flow of the water underneath your body…you’ll always stay on top! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust the flow.