What would your days be like if you were able to look at every trial, every bit of resistance, pain, hurt, anguish, torment, struggle, fear as a chance to love more? Powerful, isn’t it! Look at every disagreement as a chance to offer peace and forgiveness. Look at every single thing that frustrates you as a way to release and let go. What if you turned your world upside and stopped labeling everything the way you used to and started seeing it without a struggle?

I mean I could tell you what would happen but wouldn’t that ruin the fun? I’ll give you a hint though…just a small one of course – you’d be aligning with your Divine Truth! You’d be spreading more love and light. You’d start living a more peaceful life. If you could just simply stop seeing everything that doesn’t go “your way” as still going the “right” way….life gets 1000 times more exciting. It also gets easier because you are just flowing with what is and not resisting what wants to happen. When you resist you create all those ugly feelings and thoughts. You fight what needs to happen in order to get you where you desire to go.

God is using ALL of this stuff to help you, don’t you get that? Look, you can sit in class and fight the teacher for the algebra lesson she’s teaching and the test she’s preparing you for, but no matter what you say, no matter how much you don’t want to do the assignments or study…you are STILL going to need to learn it. You’re resisting it is only making it harder on yourself. Stop resisting. Stop labeling. Stop questioning. Stop fighting back. Just stop and breathe. Turn that pain that you seem to thrive on into power and USE it rather than giving it away. Use it for your benefit by allowing it to work in your favor and flow the way it wants to go. That requires you to stop fighting back against it and just accept everything that comes your way because it’s showing up for a reason. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to drop the struggle and accept what is. When I stop fighting the flow, I see the truth.