Do you know what it feels like to grow? Yes…feels like! It feels like freedom. Things that once had power over you don’t. Thoughts that once ruled your mind no longer do. Feelings that used to emerge in specific situations don’t even show up. You are free.

Free to understand why you once allowed things to rule your mind, heart, spirit and soul. Free to release what is no longer serving you. Free to finally feel ALL your power. Free to really embrace all that you are. Free to fly! Have you ever watched a bird in the sky? It soars with ease and grace. There’s no effort or frustration, it just spreads it’s wings and takes flight. It floats with the breeze and navigates with ease.

Be the bird, dolls. Spread your wings and fly. Let the wind guide you where you need to go. Trust all obstacles will be removed from your path. Relax and be free. You have a new vantage point from up high and you can see the bigger picture. Those details don’t matter when you’re up in the sky. Nothing can touch you, you’re free to fly! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am free from everything that doesn't serve my highest good.