When things don’t go your way don’t freak out. They aren’t always going to happen when we want them to happen. Most of the time, they definitely won’t happen when we want them to happen. You know how I’ve said that your thoughts create your reality? What you think at any time of the day will manifest situations and their outcomes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that if you think something won’t happen, it’s just not going to happen – but if you’re worried about it NOT happening, all that energy you’re putting out there negating it, will slow down the process of it happening. So today if you find yourself dwelling or obsessing about something, anything – stop yourself dead in your tracks. Now focus your attention on telling yourself that ‘you know God heard you and the Universe is working in your favor and you trust that whatever the outcome will be, it will be what you need in your life right now.’  Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I have faith that whatever happens is in my best interest.