It’s eye-opening when you realize how powerful you are just by simply believing that you actually have power. A lot of us use our power in destructive ways towards ourselves and others for a very large part of our life. We don’t necessarily realize we’re doing it and one day we wake up and say to ourselves, “Wow, that’s exhausting!”

When we’re operating from a place where we feel like it all depends on us and our actions, words and thoughts – we get drained pretty quickly. See that’s the misconception dolls, yes you need to figure out what you want; yes you need to retrain your brain to think the positive thoughts and speak the positive words…but then you need to trust that it’s taken care of for you. You don’t need to sweat it. You don’t need to worry about every thought you think about that thing you want – just leave it alone and let God be God.

I speak to far too many people asking me how to manifest things and how to not get overwhelmed with all the feelings and all the thoughts and all the fears that emerge when you really, really want something for yourself. Exactly! How DO you remove the emotions and the humanly fears? How DO you stop dwelling on it every single day? I will tell you how…by simply saying you want it, it’s yours. Just like by simply placing the letter in the mailbox with the flag up, it will get mailed. You placed your order, so all YOU need to do is get excited about it. Get excited for how it’ll feel once it arrives and guess what? You don’t need to worry about that either! Yup..another burden off your shoulders because I will tell you when it shows up. It shows up the minute you feel good right now in this moment. It shows up the moment you aren’t thinking about it. That very second that you just leave it all alone and go about your normal routine without a care in the world because you trust that order will arrive simply because you placed it. And you know why you TRUST it? Because you’re F&CKING worthy of it! You deserve it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am excited! Everything I desire is about to arrive.