Why do we worry? Why do we even engage those doubtful thoughts? Why is it so easy for us to believe the negative over the positive…the good over the bad? We don’t like how it feels and yet it’s comfortable, isn’t it? It’s easy and frustrating and really f&cking annoying.

But why not turn it around and have fun with it. Believe the opposite of what is always rising up in your mind…ready? Why NOT you? What if you’re MORE than enough? What if the possibilities are endless? Why not NOW? Why can’t you have anything you desire? Why wouldn’t there be more than enough money? Why wouldn’t it work out?

I know you felt a shift…a slight one…but one nonetheless. See our fearful mind wants to keep us stuck. Our fears were created from old stuff in our past. This stuff could be what we were told, what we overheard or what we perceived of our reality. But you see…this “stuff” doesn’t exist anymore so just because it didn’t work out BEFORE…why wouldn’t it work out now? See how irrational it is to actually think the past can repeat. It can’t unless you WANT it to. That’s right…WANT. You have to want it to…even out of fear. If you are confessing it and thinking it and embracing those thoughts – then you are choosing for it to replay in some capacity. But guess what? You’re the one replaying it. It’s not actually replaying at all. You’re holding onto it so tightly that no matter WHAT is unfolding before your eyes…you will see what you want to see…and hear what you want to hear, therefore witness what you believe you’re witnessing all because of your mind and the choice YOU made. So dolls…choose again and watch a new reality unfold – it’s so worth it! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am choosing the reality that makes me feel good.