If you want it, you can have it – don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. Your life and it’s creations are all dependant on how much YOU believe in YOU. That’s it! That’s all that matters. So do you believe you’re worthy of it? Do you believe you can have it? It’s only your opinion that matters so if you hesitated answering those questions let’s work to shift that right now.

What makes you think you aren’t worthy? What makes you feel it’s impossible? Perhaps you even feel like it might be possible but IF it does happen it MIGHT be too good to be true…how would it last might be the question that arises in your mind. Your unworthiness is a lie. Your fears aren’t real. That feeling that good things CAN’T last is full of sh*t. Here’s why: The past is over. What happened then cannot happen again. It might be replaying in your mind but it can’t repeat. Reread that.

Do you want something new? Do you want that thing and you want the fear around it to leave? Think different thoughts…let’s work that muscle now shall we! Repeat after me: “I can have it. I do deserve it. It belongs to me because I said it does. I am worthy of every single thing I desire. Sh*t didn’t work out before because it wasn’t meant to. That happened to prepare me for this right now. I’m scared because I know it’s real. I’m scared because there’s a breakthrough here. This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of and I just have to get around my thoughts in order to get it. I release all resistance around my desires right now and allow them to flow freely my way. I open up my life to the joy that is waiting right on the other side of my fears.” Now…the next fear that pops up I want you to kindly say, “I choose not to believe that anymore. You have no power over me. I decide what’s good in my life and this is it. It’s time you hop on board!” Let yourself be empowered and free and know everything you want is simply waiting for YOU to hop on board and realize that it’s possible! If you knew all you needed to say and believe was, “YES I CAN HAVE IT!” for it to arrive….then say it and believe it so you can receive it doll! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I believe I can, so I will. I now receive everything I desire that is waiting for me.