Life will ALWAYS come full circle. Don’t ever question that. I really never knew what it meant until recent years but in short, it means that everything that didn’t make sense then, will now. It means that things you were once confused about, you will now be super clear on. It means stuff you had no wisdom on, you are now a master at. It means everything that once was is now better because it makes much more sense.

You get an overwhelming surge of power when this happens because you suddenly realize that everything DID happen for a reason. You realize that you really never needed to worry like you did. You realize all that stress was wasted on bullsh*t because really that’s all it was. You see a clearer picture. You feel like you really “get” how this life stuff works. You realize the purpose people served in your life. And the funny part about ALL of these realizations…they simply flood into your memory without any force at all.

Epiphany after epiphany start to happen and click click click…it ALL starts to make sense. Then what? Then what happens when it all starts making sense and fitting together for you? Well gratitude happens, duh. You know what follows gratitude? More blessings and more miracles and more epiphanies and it’s just one giant cycle of bliss. So whatever you’re worrying about right now…STOP…it’s for a reason and will make sense soon. Whatever suddenly clicked for you…shout thank-you for that realization of how everything was always conspiring in your favor. And if you’re in between the two in a state of confusion…don’t worry…you’re one day away from it all clicking into place…I promise. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for the wisdom that helps me see it clearly and shows me that it's all unfolding in my favor.