A lot of people are going through change right now. This tends to happen with the change of seasons and the planetary shifts, but that aside, change happens in all our lives at some point or another. Sometimes it’s much more drastic, while other times it’s pretty subtle. I was never really good with change for the longest time, until I realized that change happens when you’re done learning your lesson or when it’s time for you to learn a new one.

Yes, I’m aware that’s a pretty broad blanket statement to make, but think about it. People come into your life and people go. That’s just the way life goes. Some will stick around for a while, some will stay forever and others will pass in the night. Each person that enters or passes through your life is there to teach you a lesson or there for you to teach them a lesson. The lessons help your soul grow. Remember that post where I spoke about our purpose on Earth? It’s right here to refresh your memory. Our souls choose a body for our time here and we choose lessons we want to learn.

There are times where God is trying to teach you a lesson or help you understand something and for some reason it isn’t sinking in. He just can’t get through to you. Perhaps he has to take extreme measures to help you understand. You’ll hear throughout your life stories of people having tragic accidents and when they come-to and heal they confess that it taught them to have more faith. It taught them to be more patient. It taught them they can’t control everything. Whatever the lesson may be, you will undoubtedly hear of someone saying they learned SOMETHING from it.

My point is this – if you can grasp the idea and ingrain it in your memory that whatever you may be going through – the loss of a job, a life change of some sort, a break-up, an injury, loss of faith – whatever your personal situation is, take a long hard look at it. Examine it and try to understand what the lesson is in there for you – and if you can get that far, then try to understand what the lesson is in there for the other person (if there’s another person involved, ie: a break-up). I promise you that you will find it. It might take some time and it’ll definitely take some self-examination – but you will most definitely find it.