Do you feel it? Lately I’ve been feeling a huge shift in energy – Universal energy. You could say, “Amy, that’s just the seasons changing,” but I’m going to disagree. It’s stronger than that. I live with a miracle mindset. I live with an attitude that miracles happen every day. I live by this mindset because I’ve seen it in my own life as well as many others time and time again.

I often tell people who are having a bad day that it could be worse – because the truth is, it could be. Doesn’t mean I don’t empathize or sympathize with you or your situation. Of course I do – I too have bad days! But it could always be worse – even when you think it just simply couldn’t get any worse, it still could be worse – but I’d much rather look at the good and say it’s getting better. That used to scare me a lot. At times, I won’t lie, it still does. Can it always be good? I never thought so until recent years where I’ve reached the conclusion that this “doom and gloom” mindset is all in my own perception. It’s not reality, it’s the reality I’ve created for myself – that I keep creating for myself. Needless to say I have been miscreating for a very long time and what I needed to do, what I’ve done is I’ve corrected my perception. I’ve uncreated my miscreation. I choose to believe there’s a miracle behind every corner. I choose to look for the lessons in every situation. I choose to find the good – search for the good, sometimes I even have to dig out the good from a pile of sh*t – but I always find it because it’s always there. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am creating a life of miracles.

You’ve found the hidden message!! Today I wanted to share with you all that I’ll be returning to the Winky Boo YouTube Channel to begin a new weekly segment called “Wisdom Wednesday With Winky Boo.” Details will follow on our Facebook page soon! xo Amy

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