Empathy is an important trait to have. The capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another person, animal, etc. I’ve been hearing a lot from people lately that they feel like they’re getting a dose of their own medicine. Like certain behaviors they used to have, but have since outgrown have now chased them down through other people. The Universe will do this to you – to TEACH you a lesson. Do we ever really know how we made someone else feel until we’re made to feel the same way? Especially if that feeling was not so pleasant? We don’t really know how it felt when we broke so-and-so’s heart until someone comes along and breaks our heart in the same way.

If you’re experiencing a ‘dose of your own medicine’ lately, don’t worry, just acknowledge that there’s a lesson there for you. Be empathetic towards that other individual because in some context you were probably in that person’s shoes at some point in your lifetime. Until you place yourself BACK into that position and recognize HOW you were feeling then, you’ll never pass the test. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

 I will treat others how I want to be treated.