The worries of life can easily consume us. We get worried, frustrated and impatient about thoughts we create in our minds. Remember though that those worrying thoughts can be brought into existence if you focus on them enough. Why not quit the worrying though for good? Why not just let what will be, be? Easier said than done, isn’t it.

I know, I get it – I’ve been there. Let me tell you how God/the Universe works though; when it’s TIME (not our time, God’s time) for something to happen, it’s going to happen no matter what. If it’s TIME for us to learn a lesson, he’s going to teach us. How, when and why do not matter – you’ll understand those after the fact. If it’s TIME for our soul to meet someone, we will. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing. Crazy concept, right? Relinquish that control that you THINK you have and your heart won’t be so heavy with these self-made burdens. Give up the idea that your time is even comparable to God’s time. Divine timing is not conventional time. It’s not 60 seconds equals 1 minute. Divine timing is based on our soul’s growth. I’ve stated this before – we need to go through things, learn things, experience things in order to advance. You can create the thought that you’re ready for your one true love, your soulmate to come into your life right NOW, but there are things you don’t comprehend or even realize. There are things YOU must learn if it’s not happening yet. All you can do is TRUST in divine timing, let go of your fears and let whatever’s going to happen, happen. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

Whatever will be

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