What we see each day that we wake up only holds the value and meaning that we apply to it. We apply it through our perception. Our perception can be harsh at times however and thus affecting our relationships, experiences and everything we encounter. Once you correct your perception, what you see and experience shifts. 

Today I switched up my morning meditation. Sometimes I will do the same guided meditation for a few weeks until I feel an urge to change and do a different one. I go until my spirit needs something new or craves something specific. Sometimes I’m urged to just sit and silently meditate without any music or guided meditation. When my spirit speaks, I listen. So the meditation I was lead to for this morning was about perception. Once I completed it, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and it seemed like a lot of the other spiritual coaches I follow were touching on the same exact topic and it spoke very loudly to my soul. So I’ll keep this brief and get straight to the point:

We wake up and have a choice. I’ve told you this. We move through our day with the same choice present at all times. You see there’s been many times I wake up and choose happy and choose peace and then something takes place to try to throw me off course and have me not want to lean towards peace anymore – this is life though – this sh*t happens. So just because we wake up and say, “I’m going to be happy today” doesn’t mean you aren’t going to encounter fumbles, mishaps, stress, dilemmas or problems. Actually the way negativity works is the minute you choose positive, negative works harder to drag you down. Being aware of this is key. Just like when you walk out of church on Sunday and BOOM, the Devil works overtime to steal your peace and steal your joy. Happens to me every single Sunday but when I prepare myself and recognize THIS is what’s happening, I don’t feed into it. It’s a missed attempt at taking my joy. 

You can view these fumbles and problems however you wish. I choose to perceive them as a small reminder to shift my mind back towards love. Like setting an alarm on your phone to remind you of an appointment. I choose to perceive unexpected situations, stress or mishaps in a positive way – as a REMINDER for me to watch my thoughts and check myself. The perception YOU choose is strictly up to you. You have the same opportunity to choose whatever you wish every single day. You can carry a loving perception with you no matter the situation and find the lesson within the problem OR you can perceive every situation that doesn’t go as planned as an unfortunate one, one to drag you down, upset you, steal your joy and piss you off. The choice is yours. I choose love every single time. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always want to come naturally but that’s my choice. What’s your choice? Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I choose to perceive every situation and relationship through loving eyes.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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