I know we all have caught ourselves comparing what we have to the person next to us. I know it has happened if not once but at least twice (or more) in your life. It’s happened in mine too. I used to wonder why others had things that I wanted and wished for in my life but couldn’t seem to obtain. I pondered if I was pretty enough and if that was the cause. Or if maybe this was just what I was meant to be – one step behind the rest.

I truly believed these false beliefs for years. I constantly asked myself why I was working just as hard if not harder then the next guy but they always seemed to be happier and have more money than I did. I finally discovered one day that what I was seeing in them, I had within myself. I could access all of these things I desired if I just focused on me and pursued my truth and what brought ME joy. What brought them joy probably wasn’t going to bring me joy. I needed to find what made me happy. I needed to learn that I was able and I was worthy and I was good enough. I needed to realize that it isn’t “them” and “me” it’s actually “us”. We are all connected spiritually and instead of lusting after what “they” had, I should encourage them and be inspired by them. I should be happy for their gains because they can be mine as well if I choose them. But I was choosing otherwise. It’s all our choice and it’s all in what we are choosing to perceive in our life and this world. These days I choose to be me. I choose to be the real, authentic me, no-holds-barred. To ONLY do what I love and ONLY do what brings ME joy. F*ck what other people think SHOULD make me happy, I do what in fact does make me happy. Ever since that change in my perspective, my entire world has changed for the better. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I choose to be the real, authentic, no-holds-barred best version of me possible!

Winky Boo Affirmations

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