They say what you resist, persists. Take a moment right now and think of a situation or a relationship that generated some type of negative feelings within you. Now reflect on your thoughts and actions in response to those negative feelings. About 75% of you had a response of even more negative feelings while thinking of that situation or relationship. 

When we allow (yes ALLOW) ourselves to respond or react negatively towards someone or something, that means we have not accepted it. Acceptance means you are living in the present moment. If you are present, you are accepting everything for exactly WHAT IT IS and not what you think it SHOULD BE

When we don’t accept someone or something, we are resisting it. Resistance in the ego-mind is a form of control. We think if we ‘argue’ our point of view or attack back we might get our way. We think we might be able to control or perhaps even manipulate the type of outcome or response we’ve concocted in our head. You will know you are doing this when it evokes only negative emotions and no sense of calm. Everything peaceful is the ego’s enemy. When you accept and allow situations to be what they want to be – however they want to be, whenever they want to be – you are not only looking at things for what they truthfully are, but you’re also living in peace. When you are eagerly awaiting the response you’ve formed in your mind. When you are fighting whatever is happening right in front you – you are resisting the truth. When you resist the truth dolls, it’s only going to persist. Step back and allow everything to be as it wants to be, FULLY trusting that whatever IT IS is actually for the highest good of ALL concerned. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I step back and allow everything to be what it is. By fully living in the present moment my life unfolds peacefully and easily always for my highest good.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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