Sometimes we want to fast-forward ahead in life. We want to speed up situations, successes and even the overcoming of failures or fears just to move ahead. But the Universe works on it’s own time and time in our human world is all but an illusion.

Yeah yeah I know we have clocks and sh*t and other tangible evidence of TIME, but our time is not divine time. We could demand something on our human time but if it’s not fully baked and ready to pop out of the oven in the Universe, we’re just going to have to sit tight and wait until it is. So today I want you to remember that whatever it is you desire – it’s on it’s way to you. Just be patient.

Find something else to do in the meantime, as I like to tell my clients. The longer you sit and look for whatever it is to show up, the longer it’s going to feel like it takes. Go make yourself happy. Go enjoy yourself. Go feel good while you wait. You’re not going to miss anything. It’s not going to NOT show up – it’s guaranteed and it WILL be there…in due time. Quit worrying about it now and go have some fun! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust my desire is on it's way. I focus on feeling good while it flows my way.