We learn the things we need to learn at the time we need to learn them. If we sit and look back with regret that we didn’t do better at a particular point in our lives, we are only clinging to something that is no longer. We’re all operating from the level of consciousness available to us at the time.

We can only do our best in the moment and as I like to tell my clients to say when they start pondering if they should have said or done something different – “F*&k It!” That’s right, you need to adapt a F*&k It mentality – otherwise your ego will keep you living in the past forever. Since by now you are aware that the past isn’t real and the only moment that is, is the one available to you right this second. When we cling to what was, we project it forward into the now and end up repeating situations over and over that are no longer – keep ourselves stuck.

Let it be. Let it stay where it was and only deal with the here and now. The here and now doesn’t have to be like your past. In fact, it’s nothing like your past – you are a totally different person RIGHT NOW and probably (usually) dealing with a totally different person whom your ego is trying to compare, contrast, judge and blame for feelings you felt from a long time before. Learning to “let go” isn’t always easy but if you could just learn to change your perception and know that what happened ‘then’ needed to happen to benefit you, heal you, grow you – then what’s happening ‘now’ will look and feel totally different. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I embrace each moment knowing it has arrived to help me grow, heal and be free.