Let go of what you thought should happen and start welcoming in the better version of your desire that the Universe has sent you. We get so stuck on a “vision”. We know what we want, we know how we want it to look, when we want it to show up and how we want it all to play out. Problem is it’s not your job to plan the details – it’s just your job to set the intention, shoot out that desire into the Universe and trust that it’ll show up in a great way!

It’s that trust part that’s hard, I know. But the Universe hasn’t failed you yet. If you take a moment and think back, I’m sure you’ll see that everything ended up working out perfectly in the end. We are always going to desire to have things but if we restrict how it arrives, we end up waiting a whole lot longer for it to appear. So why not eliminate those details. Wipe out everything and only hold onto the intention that you desire and the feeling that you desire. That’s it!

That’s all you need to focus on – how you want to feel about what you want to show up. Once you align with the feeling that matches that desire, POOF it appears! You’re wasting your time and clouding your vision with a whole lot of nonsense that is being worked out on your behalf. When you order that gift online you select your shipping method and push PURCHASE and then you just wait for it to show up. You don’t worry at all about how they’ll package it or who’s taking it to the post office. You know that it’ll show up somewhere in the timeframe assigned to your shipping method. Well here’s the thing – we aren’t given the option of overnighting our desires to our doorstep BUT if we have faith that they COULD show up in an hour or a day or a week – they very well can and I am 100% positive there have been many times they have. And all that required was you letting go of those ego-minded details trying to restrict your faith. So now release those details because they aren’t serving you and amp up that faith and before you know it…POOF what you want is right in your face! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My desires arrive quicker when I stop restricting their path. I am letting go of the details.