Your reflection is everywhere you look. What you see in others reflects back to you the truth about who you are. For a long time I wished I could just step outside of my body once in a while and see myself the way others saw me. I often felt if I was able to visualize that, it would help me to see myself clearly. But the truth is, that is impossible. That is why the Universe sends us encounters, acquaintances, friends, family and lovers who are merely there to show us who we are.

When you operate from a surface level, a linear level, a humanly level – you don’t see sh*t this way. You see people, think they are put there to piss you off and then you either argue with them, tolerate them or drop them completely from your life. But that is what your ego wants…separation. Truth is…if you don’t learn from them and you do eliminate them from your life – they will return in a different form. MEANING…another person WILL show up that has similar qualities, that pushes similar buttons within you and this cycle will continue happening until you address the problem within yourself.

That problem dolls…is usually something you’ve neglected within yourself. Here’s the thing…it’s up to you to figure out what it is and it’s really quite simple – are you ready? Listen to what is said to you. Pay attention to it whether it comes from someone significant in your life or something insignificant. Then ask yourself what that means in relation to you. Do you keep getting told people are unsure of you? That’s because you are unsure of yourself…you’re unsure of who you are or how to act, what to say or what you’re capable of. Do you get told you’re controlling? That’s because you are relying on your own strength in life and you are very limited here. You have zero control and so that battle over it within yourself is reflected to you in people literally TELLING YOU what is going on inside of your soul. I could provide countless examples here, but the point is that you are receiving what you need in terms of guidance from every single person you meet. Pay attention and listen…the wisdom is in their words. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

My reflection is everywhere I look. I am grateful for the daily guidance I receive leading me back to my truth.