Life is silly. It takes a lot of twists and turns without you asking for them at times. Or so you think! Didn’t you know that you receive every single thing you ask for? It just doesn’t always (ever!) show up the way you expected. That makes for quite an interesting adventure because if you knew how everything was going to happen then what’s the fun in that?

Have you ever listened to an actor speak about a TV series they used to be in on television? Often you will hear the actor say if reruns of that show are on they will not watch it. Why do you think? Because when you’re behind-the-scenes of what is happening, sure it’s fascinating to watch the final product a few times but over and over again? No, they usually can’t handle doing that because they know how everything was pieced together. Everything is predictable and boring because they know every voiceover, every scene that took hours to perfect and every blooper that occurred. They know every awkward moment, every missed line and all the juicy details of what went down backstage. How could you possibly sit down, watch and enjoy after having ALL that information? You simply can’t.

That’s why in life you need to embrace the unknown. You need to roll with the punches and get excited for the unexpected. You never know what might pop up or who you might encounter. You never know how that thing you long for in your heart will show up into your existence. But this is all what makes it so spectacular. Sit back and enjoy the ride dolls. You picked the genre you’re experiencing. You decided what would unfold – you just have to leave the details up to the Divine. They’re for you to have fun with. They’re for you to learn from. They’re for you to smile at, appreciate it, grow from and love. But nothing you are receiving you didn’t request so you can be ever-so-grateful for that and know it’s all taking you closer to where you desire to be! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I welcome every surprise the Universe offers.