Do you know what happens when you simply trust and surrender your worries over to the Universe? You feel free. You feel light. You feel very present. But it’s not always easy to just let our worries go, is it? It’s not easy at all to stop questioning, doubting and fearing and yet that’s the very thing that needs to happen to open up the door to let what is yours inside.

Sometimes you need to go through a process to get to a state of surrender. Sometimes it takes you worrying yourself out – literally stressing to the point where it exhausts you for you to finally say “OK…take it God and have your way, have your will.” I want you to know that’s ok. It’s ok for you to panic and totally ok for you to want to force surrender sometimes – but you’ll know when you’ve truly reached it because you’ll feel every worry leave you for good.

Is there a fast track to surrender? Truthfully, no – we all have our processes and surrender requires a trust; a trust so strong that it doesn’t waver. It requires strength in that Universe of ours to do what it does so well for us. It requires you to just step back and look at the bigger picture, realizing that NONE of this is the end of the world and it always works out in the end. So today I am not here to tell you HOW to get to a place of surrender, I’m here to tell you wherever you are on your journey or in that struggle…it’s OK. That the moment you accept the place you’re at with your entire being and just let it all start to unravel in the most magical way – you will see that naturally the flow of energy will take you to a place of giving it up KNOWING it’ll return to you in the best possible way. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I trust I am right where I need to be. I surrender my worries knowing everything is working out for me.