Sometimes you just need days that put it all in perspective for you. Today is that day. While lying in bed this morning I was thinking about perspective and how we can change our minds to see situations, people and/or circumstances from a higher point of view. This is a topic I always come back to because we have all these tips, tricks and techniques – questions to ask our spirit, prayers, meditations, mantras and what not….but until we retrain that muscle to go a different way…sh*t just keeps popping up.

And as always the answer I received was really quite simple. It took me back to a few basic questions that often can be overlooked in moments of upset, disappointment or frustration. Those questions were: What do you deserve? What are you worthy of? Does this serve you? Is it making you feel good when you think about it? See often we want something so bad we overlook these questions and jump right to the infamous, “But I want it.” And that’s ok…and you’ll get this or something better but right now in this moment is it making you feel good to dwell on it? Is it serving you? We say serving but what we mean by that is – is it giving you what you deserve? Is it treating you how you’d treat yourself? Is it worthy of being in your energy field…of having your attention on it?

When you’re in these moments in your life where you can’t get your mind right about something – the easiest thing to do is to let it go. But saying “just let it go” and actually letting it go are two drastically different things. Releasing something can be hard. But this morning I was able to do this by simply answering those questions above. Why focus on something that perhaps isn’t providing you with anything to feel good about right now? Why not focus on things, people and situations that DO make you feel good and that DO serve your highest good? In the back of your mind you might here the words “Because I want THIS” and that’s ok….but let God handle “this” because sometimes those moments where we can’t get our mind right are the very moments God is saying…“You’re finished with it now…let me have it, you’ve done all you can and I’ll take it from here.” Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am letting it go and allowing in