God is using you. Yes…whether you asked him to or not. God is placing you in places and in front of people for a purpose. God is directing your steps and showing you the way…the way back to peace, love and truth. That way is from within. I wish I had known this when I was younger…but that was obviously for a purpose too. Had I not NOT known back then…I wouldn’t be able to have all the wisdom I do now teaching and guiding others.

Your life is the exact way it is for a reason. The ups and the downs were all planned ahead of time. I know that’s a little woo woo for some to believe but I hate to break it to you…it’s true. This was YOUR chosen journey. You decided all the details ahead of time and now they’re cloudy to you and that’s ok because that’s on purpose too. You are meant to have a foggy mind for a while to learn how to lean into truth and look for signs and hear the messages of the divine. Now some don’t do it the way I do…because we’re all meant to do it in our own ways.

Some don’t even consider themselves spiritual but they’re tuning in and seeing the signs. The labels are just there for humanly purposes – not spiritual ones…so don’t worry what you’re calling yourself or your path or your purpose. None of that even matters. What matters is you understand that you are where you are for a reason. You’re not meant to be anywhere but here. You shouldn’t be moving slower or faster…you are at the perfect pace for what’s coming your way. And it’s coming…you do realize that right. All that you want is simply waiting for you to believe it’s actually there. Duh…that was quite a wake-up call, wasn’t it! The stuff you want has arrived. You don’t need to rush and nothing is complicated at all. That’s just the fog. While driving home this evening I was driving through fog and I realized that every car mostly slows down and shines their lights brighter. It’s a metaphor for your life dolls. Slow down and shine your light really f&cking bright…not for the other drivers…for YOU damnit. You’re on the right highway, going the right way and God is so good and watching over you but it’s really up to you to flip the lights on to light the way. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am the light. I have it all. I need nothing but to remember who I am.ALF WEBSITE