You are safe within your own mind if you allow yourself to be. You don’t need to be scared of your own power. If you’ve created negative sh*t before then be reassured if you have THAT much power you can turn it all around and create some amazing positive experiences in your life.

Do you believe you can though? Because your old mindset full of fear might speak up and say, “You’re never going to make it,” or “It’ll never work out.” I hope you know that’s not true though. See anything telling you that you can’t is a lie…even if the person telling you is your own mind. You need to take back your power and reclaim your truth. One tiny thought can change everything for you. You’ve done it before and you can do it again.

Believe. Believe that it will happen…because if you get in agreeance with that it will. Believe that you can make it. Believe you will have what you desire. Believe it because that’s all it takes. Believe it because you’re the one creating it. You decide what happens. You hold that power…not anyone else. You are in a battle with yourself and that’s it. We all are. We all are battling our own minds right back to truth. The moment you confess that you CAN have it, do it, be it…you WILL…because the truth is it’s only that one thought that says you can’t that’s hiding the proof that you can. Remove that thought and you will see all the miracles you’ve been waiting for right before your eyes. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I have the power to create whatever I believe.