You have come so far. Take a moment to reflect on that please. You have. You may not be exactly where you truly DESIRE to be YET…but you’re closer than ever before. And if you sit for a moment I bet you can see how much you wanted then that you have now.

Just take a moment. It’s important to do this. Your soul has stretched you into the person you are today. Meaning: All that sh*t that happened leading up to this point…helped you get here. It strengthened your muscles and helped you build a firm foundation for who you desire to be. And hey…guess what? Who you have always ached to be…desired to be…CRAVED to be…is who you actually are. Yeah, that’s cool right! You were always her/him. You just forgot. It’s ok…we all forget…ALL of us…it’s like someone wiped your memory when your soul hit that human shell and each year you learn and experience sh*t…gain wisdom, have revelations and shed those layers of skin that kept telling you that you are someone else.

You are here right now. You’ve shed the layers you’ve needed to shed up until this point. When more is ready to go, it will…I promise. Until then..embrace right now. Sometimes we get so caught up in where we want to be and what we need to do that we lose our focus on the here and now. That we stop appreciating right where we’re at. You are exactly who you need to be in this moment. Whatever you have still to remember yet…will reveal itself in due time. Don’t even worry about it because when the time is right it’ll start popping up in your memory – until then enjoy this moment. Breathe in the brilliance of all that is and how awesome God is at working sh*t out for you. Your journey might have been crooked, tiresome and a little dark but that’s so good because look at what that contrast has done for you. You can’t be brave if you don’t ever attempt things that scare you and you my dear are so brave, so beautiful and so strong. I want you to know you deserve every bit of beauty that’s in your life right now and please know there is so much more goodness headed your way! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am free to be who I am meant to be.