Life throws you some curveballs sometimes…but guess what? All for a reason. It’s ALL for a reason. It’s easy to react….the trick is to pause instead. Just hit the pause button, breathe and redirect yourself back to center. Now remember who you are. Remember how powerful you are just by being you. Then smile. Laugh, smile and know that whatever is unfolding is all just details and the details DON’T MATTER!

We want to get caught up in them. We want to harp and dwell and scream and cry and plead with God, “Why?”. But never in my 31 years on Earth has doing any of those things resolved a single thing for me. What has? PAUSE. Splash some cold water on your face, shoulders back, chin up, laugh, smile and know it’s all for a really f&cking good reason. Laugh it off. LAUGH IT OFF! It’s God’s way of teaching you so just laugh. It’s your internal judgment telling you to do the opposite. It’s your internal fears telling you to panic and cry. So laugh and smile instead. It’s all OK; it’s all teaching you something…something to BETTER you…something to HELP you and it’s all going to be worth it….just watch and see. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

It's all ok and it's all worth it!