Have you ever noticed that we often feel the most stressed, scared or fearful right before we’re about to have a major breakthrough? It’s true – the Devil works overtime when he knows you’re about to be blessed – to deter you as a last ditch effort. It usually doesn’t work, especially if you recognize it. However it is hard to not feed into it because you see we’re usually blessed after we’ve gone through a spiritual transformation. Or when we’ve finally learned a lesson God has been trying for years to teach us. Or when we’ve finally released the “old” in our lives. Those vibes you instantly get of wanting to give up are just negativity trying to stop your blessing. Don’t allow them to affect you. Surround yourself with a bubble of protection and cast them out. Reclaim your peace and watch as your miracle unfolds. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I recognize negativity’s sneaky ways and refuse to let it affect me.