It’s not crazy to believe in the impossible! Because let’s face it….everything is possible. If you can think it, it can be done. It’s mind blowing that so many out there still think miracles are ridiculous, imaginary events that rarely happen. Miracles are occurring every single day right before your eyes and unless your eyes are open – you’ve been missing them. I would even bet you’ve had dozens of miracles occur in your own life and you haven’t even realized it.

Have you been expecting miracles? Let’s be realistic…it’s totally unrealistic to not expect them! We are abundant, limitless and powerful creatures that have everything we could ever want at our fingertips. We have the power to heal, teach, grow, sow, reap, harvest anything we want – but it all begins in your own mind. Do you believe you can? Do you believe that whatever is upon your heart can happen? It doesn’t matter “how” it’ll happen. It doesn’t even matter “when”. That’s why miracles are so amazing – the “when” could be right now, tomorrow or in three months. But just know that no matter what it is, it’s already yours. Believing in the miracle is telling the Universe that you trust it wholeheartedly to deliver whatever it is you desire, whenever the time is right! #WeekendWisdom

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