Soften. Genuine kindness can be rare to come by these days because the world has turned into an environment that has conditioned us to feel as if we’re always under attack and need to be on the defensive. Obviously this statement holds very true if you turn the news on everyday. Yes, there is chaos in this world and there always will be as long as everyone keeps accepting it. Kindness though, that’s hard to find. If you’re looking for cruel, you will find it. If you’re looking for kind, you will find it.

I’m simply making a point, so we don’t need to debate wars and politics and all that jazz, I’m merely here for encouragement and a little wisdom. What you seek, you shall find my friends. It takes more strength to be kind when your ‘natural instinct’ might be to lash out. Trust me, I’ve experimented with this for years. My mother used to reinforce in me, “You get more bees with honey Amy, then you do with vinegar.” Yeah, yeah I used to say, whatever, I’m going to defend myself because no one else will if I don’t. That was my honest belief. Here’s the thing, why do we feel as if we NEED to protect and defend ourselves? Why are we even feeling as if there’s a “right” or a “wrong”? A “good” or a “bad”? If you believe in wholeness (holism) as I do, hence the whole title of Certified Holistic Life Coach (Holistic = wholeness = holism, for those who didn’t know!) then you believe (know) that we are all connected. We are all one. There is a cause and effect to everything we think or do because we are all energetically, Universally connected. So if we keep spreading lies, hate, anger, bitterness, resentment – we will keep seeing it. It will keep happening. If we spread kindness, love and peace (it’s okay, I’ve accepted I’m a modern day hippie) that is what our reality will be. Call it magic, call it hocus pocus, call it wishful thinking – truthfully it’s basic science. So since we all know we were all forced (yes, forced!) to take science class throughout school, then try to deny it if you wish, but I’m telling you straight up it’s easy to be negative and cruel – since that is what keeps getting reinforced into us daily. It takes a lot of courage to be kind, soft, loving and positive. Give it a go, see how that works out for you this weekend! #WeekendWisdom