Personal fitness trainers recommend switching up your workout routine and not working the same body part and muscle group too many days in a row. The muscles will tire and they need to rest. Putting it simply, instead of improving or enhancing that particular muscle group, you’ll damage it. Muscles don’t ‘grow’ when you’re working out, they grow with they are ‘repairing’ or ‘resting’. So you can do 500 sit-ups and stare at your abs in the mirror all day, but you are not going to see results for another day or so after they have time to rest.

As a life coach, I recommend the same method, but for your life! If you keep doing the same things in your life and expecting things to change for you, it’s exactly like doing those sit-ups and staring at them to magically appear in the mirror. It’s not going to happen! Switch it up! 

You are not going to achieve great things without stepping out of your comfort zone. You need to embrace change, trust the Universe and just go for it! You’ll never know unless you try, right? You cannot walk the same path everyday expecting to see things that have never been there before. Truly embrace this #WeekendWisdom over the next few days and remind yourself that it’s up to YOU to make a change!

Keep Doing What Your Doing


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