You will often hear me say to just “let it go and let it flow,” but that is not in reference to your mind, it’s in reference to your perception and your energy and emotions. Your mind on the other hand is the only thing you do have control over. The majority of the world lives and views the world from a split-mind. Half from fear and half from love. Half from the ego and half from the spirit. You have also heard me say that the spirit only operates on truth. It does not associate or mingle with the ego. It doesn’t even address the ego because as A Course in Miracles teaches us, the ego is insane. It creates illusions based off of fear. But if you know anything about fear, you know it isn’t real. We created our ego-mind and when we listen to it we lose all sense of truth. Truth never leaves though, it’s just hidden by our delusions.

Here’s the thing though, when you recognize that anything that you perceive as “fearful” or “bad” is being created from your ego-mind, all you have to do is choose not to believe it. Direct your mind back to truth. The ego operates strictly from the mind. So when you’re vulnerable and not keeping your mind directed on truth – which is strictly love, the ego jumps in to try to draw you back into it’s illusions. It’s like a nice game of pinball in your mind. The ball is your thoughts and when it comes down towards the drain, you need to bat it back up with the flippers. Keep it in the positive zone. Keep it where the light is. In order to do that, you need to keep your attention focused on the thought. If it heads towards the flippers without you paying attention, it goes down the dark drain. Picture that drain as your ego. You want to flip the ball back up and away from the ego and keep it in truth, in the light! The good news though, if you happen to lose a thought and it goes down the drain, you have the opportunity to try again with the next thought. The game will keep throwing out new balls just like your mind will keep creating new thoughts. Your mind is an endless game of pinball and you have total control over where your thoughts go. #WeekendWisdom