Don’t forget that we don’t know it all! We can’t always see that big divine picture that God has mapped out for our lives. Yes we make our own choices, sure we have free will, but it all leads us to what he has planned for us.

When we stop looking at life through our spiritual eyes that’s when we get confused and frustrated. We feel as if we are constantly encountering problems or blocks on our path. I don’t believe in problems anymore, I believe in blessings. What you struggle with is actually a lesson for you. Our fears and worries are just that because we’re perceiving them that way. Why not try flipping it though? Why not try reversing your outlook at these struggles, worries and problems in your life? 

Believe in Blessings

Why not instead of looking at the bad in the situation, you find the good? Find the lesson! People we don’t get along with are there to teach us something about ourselves. Look for the lesson. Things we fear in life are fearful to us because we are refusing to learn the lesson. When you search for the lesson, you realize these so-called “blocks” are actually blessings. We are far too stubborn and that’s why God chooses to teach us in such crazy ways sometimes. The big man upstairs has to get creative in order to breakthrough. Remember this week: