Has worrying ever gotten you anywhere? Ever really solved any problem by worrying about it? The answer will most likely be no and if you had to think, your ego is just fighting you from admitting the truth. Now let me address something real quick for those who are new to reading these posts of mine. As a student and teacher of ACIM (A Course In Miracles), we define “ego” as the human body and mind. It tries to distinguish itself as ‘separate’ from our spirit (Holy Spirit) within us. Ego believes it’s leading our thoughts and our life and that we are limited to our five senses.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

Spirituality is acknowledging the Source within us, which is our true self. The ego wants us to fear, worry, judge, label, dwell, get anxious and solve problems. Identifying with your spirit and tuning out the ego mind will help you realign with truth. Truth is that there is only love. What I see in others is what I see in me, so if I truly love myself and all that I am, that is how I will view and experience the world. Living in fear and resentment and worry is merely you believing your ego (your own lies) that people are out to hurt you, harm you and get you. When you can understand this isn’t so and look at others through your loving eyes and identify with their Holy Spirit, you will recognize in them what you see in yourself (because we are all Universally connected as one) and all fears fall to the wayside because they aren’t real. Fears are merely illusions.

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So now, where has worrying gotten you? Nowhere. I used to live in fear all the time. I was anxious and living life listening to my ego. Basically what our egos do is they write a whole damn soap opera in our heads and we believe it because we think our human side is separate from us and that the “proof” is there. So we believe the lies and then what happens is we project the lies. So what we end up experiencing in real life is those lies we’ve created in our mind. As Pam Grout (author) says, you deserve a Daytime Emmy. The amount of effort we spend creating these illusions, believing them, living them out and then blaming others for what has happened is totally ridiculous.

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The path to connect with your true self takes probably half the amount of time you just spent creating that storyline and plot for your delusional soap opera. Trust me, “Days of our Lives” has got nothing on the sh*t I created from my thoughts. So where do you begin? Here are 5 Tips to start toning down the ego talk and tapping into the true spirit!

5 Tips To Tone Down The Ego & Tap Into Your True Spirit

1. Journal your thoughts

  • I battled through depression, anxiety and irrational thinking. The number one tool I used to overcome these was by seeing what I was thinking and recognizing what was true and what wasn’t. Grab a scrap of paper or buy yourself a nice handy journal (you’re worth it!) and jot down your thoughts. All of them! The good, the bad and the ugly. Go back and reread them. Make this a daily activity! You will not only become so tuned in to the lies you tell yourself daily once you see them on paper, but you will naturally shift your energy into not producing them any longer!

2. Make time for you!

  • I grew up with working parents. Both had full time careers and always spent their down time caring for everyone else but themselves. As I got older I noticed this and would suggest, “Why don’t you do something for you today?” To which the answer would always be, “There’s no time.” Let me break this down for you: we all have the same amount of time in a day. How you manage that time and what you prioritize to fit your schedule says a lot. Every single day there should be a timeslot for just you. It can be a 10 minute window or an hour (or more!) it doesn’t matter. But if you don’t show yourself the love that you deserve, this will project onto all your relationships in your life. How you feel about you is exactly how others will treat you. So if YOU aren’t a priority in your own life, don’t expect others to make you one in theirs. Give yourself love and do something YOU enjoy every single day!

3. Just breathe

  • I’m not sure what took place in the last two decades but everyone seems to be worried and rushing. Where you all rushing to? We all got sh*t to do and it will get done. Calm down!!! Relax and just breathe. Listen, the Universe has your back as Gabby Bernstein says and your best interest is always it’s main priority. That means that no matter what, whether you’re early or late, whether you stress or chill the F out…the outcome is still going to be in your highest interest! What’s meant for you will be yours and you aren’t living on your time, we’re working on divine time here so you can be hoping to race to the altar, but if it’s not YOUR TIME yet, it’s not going to happen. Let what needs to take place, take place and just breathe. It’s all going to work out!

4. Choose HAPPY!

  • Here’s a little tip I picked up from my favorite author, choose happy! Every morning you wake up with a choice – good day or bad day?! It’s up to you! You can lay in bed when the alarm sounds and moan and groan OR you can say, “Something AMAZING is going to happen today, I can’t wait!” It’s not passe to believe the best can happen. The best things happen to those who believe they can happen! I used to wake up miserable, questioning everything. How did my days go? Well I didn’t see much good that’s for sure because I chose to see the bad. But you know how you select a coarse to play in a video game? Take a racing game: Easy or Hard. Then sometimes you get a choice of the weather (forgive me, I like my old school video games!): Rain or Sunshine! It’s the same in this “game” called life. You get the choice every single day. You and your mind are what creates what happens to you and what you see and experience. So I don’t know many people at all that would CHOOSE the coarse with no sun and everyone out to get them. Why not choose the sunny road with everyone on your team. Choose the one that’s fun and exciting and most of all, happy!

5. Just be you

  • It’s unfortunate that we’ve all grown up in a society that tries to plant seeds in our minds that encourage us to be like everyone else. To be jealous or envy another person. To want what they have and lust after it. This is just totally unnecessary and here’s why: What YOU have is so uniquely special that it doesn’t even compare to what that person has – or that person has. What you have brings something into this world that NO ONE else can deliver. Only YOU have it to offer. Why spend your time trying to dress like her, earn as much money as him and be as cool and they are? Just be you. Just be yourself. Your spirit thrives when you are authentic. That means the beautiful, intelligent, witty, fun, quirky person that you are. Nothing pisses off the ego more then when you keep it real with yourself. A rule of thumb I have lived by for a very long time is this: If you can’t spend time alone with yourself, then you don’t really like your own company. If you feel the need to ALWAYS be around others for enjoyment, then you have a lot of inner work to do. How you act when you’re alone or alone with your pets – that crazy side that you probably have said no one else will ever see – that’s the YOU that you need to be ALL THE TIME! Love it, be it, do it!

Amy L. Fiedler is a certified holistic life coach and reiki master. Specializing in inner peace, self-love and conquering fear, Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you realign your path with your purpose and access your highest potential. Amy uses a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle with teaching practical spirituality resulting in a radical shift towards love, forgiveness, renewing your self-worth, accessing your inner peace and breaking through to happiness. Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session right now to clarify your intentions, understand and clear the blocks that have been draining your happiness and holding you back from your true passion and purpose in life and relationships.