Life is so simple and yet we complicate it so much. As humans we allow our thoughts and emotions to overcome what we already know. We are spiritual beings having an Earthly experience – it’s not the other way around. What exactly does this mean? It means we know better. It means we already have the experience and knowledge inside of our souls.

When you hit a road block in life, you need to look within. Your soul has the answers. Your soul has been here on Earth before. It’s lived before, it’s hurt before, it’s loved before. It has wisdom beyond your years, but it can’t share that wisdom with you if you don’t accept that it’s there.

When I was very young I remember always wondering in my mind ‘why am I here,’ ‘what is my purpose.’ It’s funny how we get so caught up in what we feel we’re expected to do. What we see others doing. What we believe will make us rich or famous or happy or loved, that we don’t listen to what WE really want. We complicate it with all these thoughts and expectations that we place on ourselves that we miss what’s standing right in front of us (or right inside of us). There’s some of us that take it so far that they get stuck in their own head. They can’t look past it. They get so caught up in these human emotions that instead of following their own journey they start pulling ideas from someone else’s.

You end up looking up to someone because of what they’ve accomplished or done. You lust after their success. You’re jealous of what they have. These again, are all human emotions. Our soul knows better, but we get in our own way. This is you complicating things. You can’t ever reach your true happiness if you are depriving your soul of what it needs and deserves.

So how do you un-complicate what you’ve already complicated for yourself? Stop, sit and be still. Literally, be still with yourself as one. Listen to your intuition. Once you pause the human emotions and allow your soul to have a voice, it will give you clear directions on where to go, what to do and how to do it. This, I promise you, will lead you down the chosen path towards your true happiness. You have all that you need – you just need to tap into it. The tools are there, open up the toolbox and start using what you were given.