While I celebrate myself today for my 30th birthday, I wanted to spread the love and have all you readers do the same! When we focus on our inner light and what brings us happiness and joy, we shine. We shine from within – essentially we glow – and this glowing energy that comes from us attracts more of the things we love and enjoy towards us. We become a magnet for everything we love! I know it might sound silly but this is basic quantum physics. So you scientific-minded individuals can still follow along with my spiritual mumbo jumbo a bit longer: the energy you exert is the energy you attract. It’s really quite simple, if you want happiness, make yourself happy. If you’re wondering why your circumstances are making you sad or you feel stuck in situations – that’s because you aren’t pleasing yourself first. You aren’t realizing how amazing you really are! You aren’t focusing on all these unique and wonderful qualities YOU (only you) have to offer this world.

When we read quotes that say things like, “I’m too focused on my own grass to notice if yours is greener,” what that actually MEANS is you should be so focused on your inner happiness that you aren’t looking around and comparing yourself to others. That you should be so content with bringing yourself joy every minute of every day that you have no time to allow your mind to worry or stray. Your ‘truth‘ that all of us spiritual mentors always talk about – that’s located in your spirit. The way you access it is to turn off the voice of the ego. Mute that internal voice that we created that tells us things like, “you’re not successful because you aren’t making that much money,” or “there’s no way someone will ever love me for everything I am.” Our spirit only knows love. It doesn’t know fear because fear is something we created through our ego. Choose the thoughts that are happy – those are the TRUTHFUL thoughts. We have nothing to fear so you need to stop making yourself live in fear. We have everything to gain by only viewing this world and our circumstances through the eyes of love. That means no judging, no labeling, no analyzing. That means simply accepting everything that happens for what it is because everything that is happening is something you created through your own thinking. In order to create the life you want, you need to FIRST celebrate yourself for ALL that you already are! #WisdomWednesday