Sometimes we’re so busy pushing for a certain outcome and feeling pressed for time that we forget to just trust that Higher Power to do what it does best. We are never being lead in the wrong direction. We are constantly being guided and steered towards what will serve our highest good. When we forget that, we tend to try to control and manipulate situations to suit our needs.

As humans, we want what we want when we want it. We set goals, get ideas in our heads and map out in our humanly brain how it’ll all unfold. But we don’t always know best. Actually, more times than not – we really don’t know much at all. What we feel needs to happen and what’s going to happen could be on opposite ends of the spectrum.  But guess what….the plan that unfolds is ALWAYS in our best interest. It’s always the one that’s going to serve us the highest and even better….last the longest! Because the plans you manipulate – they don’t last at all. Have a little faith…better yet…have a whole sh*tload of faith and a lot of trust that everything is working in your favor, because it is! #WisdomWednesday


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