For on second I want you to just think about something…anything you want. The Universe doesn’t distinguish what is “good” and what is “bad.” The Universe responds to your energy, your thoughts, your vibes. So when you set an intention and you think about it with enthusiasm and excitement knowing you’ll receive it – you receive it. Yes dolls….it’s THAT simple! 

Why don’t more people do this? Good question, those of us who practice and teach this often wonder the same thing. But from firsthand experience let me tell you….everything you think about, you attract. What attracts it quicker? The emotion you place behind the thoughts. Give a try – what do you want to receive in your life today?

Anything at all – it’s ALL up for the taking! Manifest away darlings, it’s a great way to live! #WisdomWednesday 10171206_10152885413971350_5061145055634180954_nLooking to manifest LOVE into your life? Let Amy help you get there quicker.

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