Even though the title says it all in 8 words, I’m going to give you a profound example that took place in my real life – not once but TWICE a few days ago to prove this statement is not only true but powerfully true! If you keep up with my articles here then you know an author I just adore is Pam Grout. She has this ability to make non-believers, believers and even though I’ve always been in a believer in just about everything, she gives you real life experiments to prove all her written words true.

Having said that, I was re-reading one of my favorite books by her titled E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. I’ve written about this may times before (go click that hyperlink a few words back to see the posts I’ve written about this book). While explaining one of her experiments, Pam uses a real life example from her own life that left a profound mark and it all had to do with a calendar and a nail. She had a calendar hanging next to her bed that she’d frequently jot events down on. One night she pulled the calendar off to write something down and the little nail fell out of the wall too. After searching on her hands and knees all over and under the bed, she finally stopped. She said to the Universe (and I’m paraphrasing here), “I demand you return my nail to me in 24 hours.” Lo and behold, when she woke up the next morning, that tiny little nail was nestled right between her fingers as she lay in bed.

That’s pretty amazing, right! Well, coincidentally (though, I don’t believe in coincidences because I believe every single thing happens for a reason), the day after I read this I went to church in the morning with my mom as I always do on a Sunday. We’re about 20 minutes into the service when I see her fidgeting around searching for something. I caught on as I noticed she was holding 1 hoop earring in her hand, that she must be searching for the other. We looked around, pondered whether it fell off as she hugged some people, dropped in the parking lot or did she forget to put both earrings on before leaving the house (we know that all has happened to us before!).

To make a long story short, it wasn’t anywhere in sight. We left church, went home and my father, mother and myself were all in the kitchen talking and making lunch. I start explaining to my mom that she should try demanding that her earring be returned to her in 24 hours. I told her she could say it out loud or silently to herself, but once those words leave her mouth, she needs to wholeheartedly believe it’ll be returned; somehow, someway.

She did just that, and spoke those words just loud enough so I could hear them. It wasn’t even 10 minutes after this that she went to open the oven to take a tray out to cook a pizza and her gold earring was laying right on top of the tray inside the oven. My father, the usual skeptic, looked at me and said, “you planted it there!” I did not obviously plant anything and I, myself was even shocked and amazed at how quickly this all took place. My mom just screamed with joy, started laughing and said to me, “how did you know to do that?!”

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

I decided after that took place that I was determined to make my father believe this method works. So I proposed this to him:

“I’m going to go upstairs and do the same exact thing and demand that that tiny little screw that you lost fixing a light in my bathroom be returned to me in 24 hours. If it’s returned, will you believe this truly works?”

He joked, but eventually agreed to my proposal. So I did just what I said. I will preface this with – we searched high and low for this stupid screw for days/weeks/months. I swept, cleaning, searched and even moved everything in and out of my bathroom just to find it, but it was nowhere in sight. We figured it had dropped behind the sink in a tiny crack that we’d never be able to get it again. That said, I demanded it’s return in 24 hours. Pam teaches that you can not only claim what’s yours, but you should in fact put a deadline on it.

As the day continued, I caught myself waiting for this thing to mysteriously pop up on the floor or in my hand. I realized I needed to stop that way of thinking immediately and that it’s return to me won’t be the same exact way Pam’s happened or my mother’s happened. Skip to the next day (we haven’t reached 24 hours yet since I made my demand in the late afternoon the day before) and I’m randomly sweeping some dog hair in my bathroom and I decide I need to wipe down the floor board heater. I start doing just that and as I close the door to get behind it, what do I see right in front of my eyes – that damn screw!! That’s right, don’t know where it came from, don’t know how it got there, but the Universe prevailed and it was returned to me before the 24 hours were up!


I stroll right downstairs, walk up to my father and I say, “Guess what?! Look what I’ve got!” Usually stoic, his face lights up, he looks at my mother and starts to smile and turns to me and said, “NO WAY!” I continued, “NOW do you believe?” He cracked a few jokes but eventually said with a giant smile, “I guess I have no choice, that’s incredible!”

Moral of this story: You can bring to life whatever you desire! If you can visualize it in your mind and put your faith behind it – knowing wholeheartedly it’ll happen – I promise you it will! In Pam’s book she goes on to explain how she has used the same technique her entire life to manifest vacations, jobs, relationships, money and whatever else your heart desires! It’s all yours for the taking, you just need to believe that!