ask yourself

126 Thought Provoking Questions To Shift Your Emotional Experience In This World

Ask Yourself is a book of thought provoking questions that serve as a catalyst for transforming your perception of reality. With the right touch of depth and simplicity, these questions will have you self-reflecting into the deepest corners of your being and helping you to understand the meaning behind what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

This book serves as a tool to guide you through understanding how your mind, body, and soul work cohesively to alter our view of our external surroundings. These questions will prompt you to look at the stories you tell yourself internally and how they are shaping the world you see, the relationships you have, the thoughts you think, the money you receive, and any other area of life that at times can appear confusing or create uncertainty.

Think of this book as a go-to when you are feeling stuck, lost, blocked, negative, emotional, or confused in order to access your internal divine truth. Within moments it will deliver you the emotional guidance and the clarity you are seeking from within you!

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Just a few of my 5 star reviews

Explore your current beliefs and thinking!
I love Amy’s book Ask Yourself and have already made it part of my morning meditations. I flip to any page and read something that I then think about. All of these questions can make you stop and re-think or question your existing beliefs, if you are willing to explore.

The questions are liberating
Need clarity, guidance? This book has questions that make you think clear and gain control of your situation. A must read!