From Limited To Limitless

Healing the Divine Connection Within

It’s time to find out who you really are.

It’s time to show you where your power lives.

It’s time to show you what you’re made of and what you have access to inside of you!

From Limited To Limitless is a course to help you understand who God really is.

To help you remove the limits you've placed on your life and open you up to infinite possibilities!

Have you ever?

Do you want to?

  • Believed that God was some dude in the sky?

  • Wondered if The Bible was real?

  • Questioned who you were praying to?

  • Thought that Heaven and Hell were actual destinations?

  • Wanted to believe in more but struggled to make sense of it?

  • Believed you had to beg for “mercy” and “forgiveness”?

  • Understand who God really is

  • Make sense of religion

  • Free yourself from the belief that “you are not worthy”

  • Release the fear that you could end up in Hell

  • Welcome in the love that has always been available for you

  • Wipe out those limiting beliefs that say you could do something “wrong”

This course is going to help you simplify religious concepts into practical and relatable knowledge

so you can better understand yourself, others and your relationship with God.

For 20 years of my life, I believed God was outside of me.

I laid in bed praying, begging, bartering and pleading for a miracle when I needed something good to happen for me.

And when it didn’t happen, I felt unworthy.

Little did I realize all that I was asking for and needed was right inside of me.

And now I can see things clearly. God was never someone to fear. God never sees you as unworthy.

God was loving me all along and until I really understood who and what God really is, life felt heavy.

Life was hard and scary. I was limited in my knowledge of where the Universal power God has came from.

It’s not linked to religion at all.

Knowing God is knowing yourself and when you get that you go from limited to limitless.

This course is going to

  • Teach you who/what God really is.

  • Help you understand in practical terms what religious symbolism actually means.

  • Help you understand terms like prayer, sin, forgiveness, the Devil + more.

  • Teach you what/where Heaven and Hell really are.

  • Help you better understand religious/holy texts, spiritual teachings and what they mean for you and your life.

  • Help you identify limiting beliefs you’ve developed from religious teachings.

  • Reframe your entire belief system around who God is and how he relates to you.

Are you ready to see yourself clearly?

Here’s how it works:

  • A Course Outline

  • 7 Audio Recordings

  • A 38 page Student Handbook/Teaching Manual/Study Guide Inward

You will receive these immediately after purchase

to download, save +/or print.
There are no PowerPoints, videos or timed modules in this self study course.

This is how your course content is made up. The order in which you study this content is up to you. Amy suggests you trust yourself to be guided towards whether you read or listen to the wisdom first.

There is no wrong way. You cannot get it wrong. Your first lesson, should you choose to accept it, is to trust yourself.

This is a course to study from, refer back to, highlight, take notes in and use as a teaching reference in your own life.

From Limited to Limitless takes deep spiritual and religious concepts and simplifies them into easy and relatable truths for parents, teachers, preachers, spiritual healers, mentors and believers to break down the walls that stand between God’s power and themselves.

Who is this course for?

  • Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, Coaches, Healers, Advisors

  • Those who want to connect deeper to God.

  • Those who grew up religious but had trouble connecting to who God is.

  • Those who struggle with the difference between spirituality + religion.

  • Those who feel like a victim in this world.

  • Those who feel limited.

  • Those who feel powerless.

  • Parents wanting to teach their child/children about God.

  • Those who feel unworthy of God’s love.

  • Couples who are expecting their first child and want to prepare their family beliefs.

  • Those who were raised religious and carry anger + resentment towards their God and belief system.

  • Those wanting to understand their role in this world and take their power back.

  • New age believers desiring a better understanding of God/Universe/Source.


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What's included?

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