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Allow me to answer your questions

Frequently asked questions

No. I no longer offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring. The coaching and guidance I do offer is through my Inner Genius Membership site and is meant to equip you with the tools necessary to be able to navigate life, relationships and any obstacles yourself. The coaching environment is different from therapy as it is my goal to teach you that you have the power and strength to navigate things in your life yourself once you learn how to shift your awareness, mindset and energy. I want to provide you what you need in ways that allow you to maintain your power and provide you a solid foundation and safe space for constant assurance so the Inner Genius Membership is a do-it-yourself learning environment with me as your guide providing you all my spiritual teachings, processes plus live group calls monthly to well-equip you with all you need in mind, body and soul to then operate and navigate life and relationships successfully on your own.

Yes. Life coaching, personal development and any form of spiritual self-help are an investment in yourself, your personal growth and your future. You are investing in how valuable this change is for you and your relationships and life. The price of the packages/services/trainings are set at a place where it’s compensating my time, experience, energy as well as yours in addition to how eager, willing and open you are to committing to this process and change for yourself. Payment plans are extended as a courtesy for those unable to pay the amount in full up front. Please contact hello@amyfiedler.com or use the contact form on the website to request one on the product or service you prefer.

All my clients experience radical shifts in their mindset and awareness immediately. They have major aha’s and breakthroughs within hours of being exposed to my guidance, teaching and content in their life, business and relationships . Results may (and will) vary per client as my guidance and coaching depends on your openness, willingness and readiness to receive the spiritual wisdom I’m giving to you in any particular environment.

No refunds are available for memberships, prerecorded content or courses as well as live training’s and workshops. Please see full terms and conditions for further clarification and details about payments and refunds.