You think about all the things you want that you don’t yet have and often the next thought is that you can’t be “happy” or “satisfied” until they get here. Sound familiar? But you see that kind of thinking delays them from getting here. I know that kind of screws with your entire logic, doesn’t it? What about manifestation? What about vision boards? What about reaching for your goals, Amy?

Listen most of us, including myself will get trapped in the mindset of I need/want this and I need/want it now otherwise I’m not going to be too happy. I think I’ve heard myself say that a few times – I’m sure you can relate. But until you can step out of your own way here and surrender to what you have in this very moment – those desires won’t be showing up. That’s correct…be ok with what you have right now. Be MORE than ok – get excited about what is in your life right now. Be grateful for it. Find happiness now and then you magnetize more happiness, aka all those things you want!

That doesn’t mean stop wanting the stuff you want. That just means stop diminishing the value of what is currently in your life and there’s a very important reason why: Until you realize you have ENOUGH in this very moment…how can you attract more in? You start to create your own unhappiness when you think about what you believe you’re lacking. When you refuse to accept life on life’s terms, you send out an immense amount of energy blocking what wants to come in because you’re dwelling in a spirit of desperation and loneliness and fear. Fear that you might not get it. Fear that you might be alone forever. Fear that you won’t ever have the life you thought you were supposed to have by now. Dolls…what you have right this second, is exactly what you need in this moment. What you desire and crave in your heart, is meant to be yours. God knows when the perfect time will be but I’ll let you in on a little secret – that perfect time is when you surrender fully to what is already here in the present moment. How do you do that? You trust completely that whatever’s burning in your heart is guaranteed to arrive…because it really really is! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I surrender to this moment. I find happiness where I'm at.