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Providing you real, raw, honest and authentic conversations.

Amy slaps you with honesty every month with a brand new focused topic!

How does this work?

  • This is a 3 week group program

  • The interactive conference happens live on Facebook Live in a private space

  • Program members will have access to asking questions and receiving guidance on the topics discussed

  • Replays of the calls will be available for the length of the program itself

What is this months conversation on?

Enrollment has ended for the focused conversation for November 2018: “Business Success”

Who is this conversation for?

  • Women who are preparing to run a business

  • Women who have been in business (successfully or not)

  • Women who want to maintain integrity but also earn their value

What subjects will the conference cover?

  • Day 1: (11/9) “PURPOSE”

  • Day 4: (11/12) “NETWORKING”

  • Day 6: (11/14) “CREATING”

  • Day 7: (11/15) “BRANDING/MARKETING”

  • Day 11: (11/19) “MONEY”

  • Day 15: (11/23) “CONNECTION/IMPACT”

  • Day 18: (11/26) “VALUE”


What is the cost of this interactive conference?

For eight focused conversations and 3 weeks of guidance and clarity, the cost of this experience is $1200

Are there payment options?

Enrollment has closed for November. The next conference is coming in 2019!

Yes there are several payment plan options available. Please follow these instructions to begin your payment plan for enrollment:

  • Select the payment plan option you want below

  • Review the information and follow the prompts to make your first payment and checkout (either using a debit/credit card or logging into your PayPal account)

  • Once you make your payment, use this access link to join the private interactive conference space where the entire experience takes place.

Select a payment plan option below:

Enrollment has closed for November

  • (2) monthly payments of $600

  • (8) biweekly payments of $150

  • (13) biweekly payments of $94

Enrollment is closed for November. A new focused conversation will be happening in 2019. To be in the know subscribe to Amy’s email list or join her free Facebook community.

For enrollment problems, questions or concerns please contact us at

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