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How To Use My Services:

Unlike working with any other life coach, as mentioned below, my work with you does not have a set expiration date and it is focused on emotional guidance, behavioral analysis and mental clarity.

Here’s how many use and value the services I provide & why: *recommended to start with (1) single session of your choosing to see how you’d personally like to utilize my services.

  • On-going counseling/therapy
    • filling out the custom packages form is the best option for this approach
    • Clients will book weekly/biweekly for a therapeutic space to process, relax, find relief, understanding and clarity with their day to day life, relationships, struggles and feelings.
    • Clients utilize weekly/biweekly session times as well as added text support to have real-time support, guidance and clarity when something arises they want help with.
    • Clients utilize my services on-going for months +/or years as their holistic approach to emotional balance, well-being and mental clarity.
    • Clients are now choosing my holistic services over formal medical/psychotherapy/psychiatric care as they see the value in having a healthy form of support and feel worthy of receiving that guidance to feel better and flow easier through life.


  • One time/temporary guidance
    • selecting as needed from the single session options +/or the packaged options
    • Clients will book as needed when going through a painful/traumatic/confusing situation (ie: break-up, divorce, financial struggles, abuse, mental/emotional breakdown, health crisis)
    • Clients have a specific problem they’d like to find relief and clarity on and only desire to have guidance on that subject.
    • Clients utilize my services this way when they struggle with getting off an emotional rollercoaster and have a misunderstanding of healthy support and receiving it due to feeling unworthy, prideful or trying to prove they can do it themselves.


As a Life Therapist…

  • I provide you understanding into things you don’t yet understand in your life in an effort to guide you towards (more) self-awareness.
  • I provide you emotional support, relief, guidance, healthy tools and a therapeutic environment.
  • I provide you mental clarity.
  • I provide guidance and clarity into yours (and their) behavior patterns.
  • I provide you spiritual support (self understanding).
  • I help you find healthy coping mechanisms in confusing and painful situations.
  • I shift your perspective of your struggles.
  • I see what you may be currently unable to see which is standing in-between where you would like to be and where you are now.

I’ve coined the term ‘Life Therapist’ after continuing to hear that the work I do with clients is unlike what ‘Life Coaches’ do.

Life coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients….Many life coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals, whereas therapy sometimes looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward, according to Counseling Today . [ Source:]

My work encompasses the best of both aspects of each profession. Professional life coaching typically includes a structured program and set timeline for your goals while professional therapy is more so an ongoing support system to sustain a balance in your mind and emotions.


My Formal Qualifications:

  • Certified Holistic Life Coach (2014)
  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner (2014)
  • Ordained Minister
  • Published Author (3 books)
  • Certified Trauma Informed Care (in progress)

In addition to the above I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lycoming College (2007). My life experiences following college included working in the Fashion and Entertainment Industries as a professional photography assistant in commercial/print, wardrobe stylist for high fashion print, commercial, celebrity, music videos/tour, television as well as a personal/executive assistant to a world renown psychic.  In 2008 I started my own clothing company and successfully operated it employing designers, printers/production, shipping/receiving, which I later dissolved (6) years later in an effort and desire to feel fulfilled, at peace and happy in my career and life.

As noted in my first published book (365 Little Blasts of Love), as a young teen I struggled with severe anxiety, depression and OCD. Through my formal qualifications and personal/professional life experiences combined, I deliver an expertise on human behavior and emotional guidance unlike any others.

To get a deeper taste of my emotional and behavioral approach/work, I encourage you to follow my social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.


What I Do For You:

My goal in these private one-on-one environments is to provide you a therapeutic space for emotional guidance, mental clarity, self-understanding and awareness, no matter your situation.

I support and guide you through unravelling and understanding your behavior patterns, emotions and mindset relative to what you bring forth in a session, providing you relief, clarity and awareness to move through/forward successfully.


The Value Of Life Therapy: (*must read)

When you approach someone for guidance and support, the unhealthiest thing they can do is disempower you by telling you what to do. This creates co-dependency. Having a space and professional confidante who empowers you to understand yourself and others, your emotions, behaviors and thought patterns is the healthiest approach to self-care.

Your ability to be emotionally and physically independent relies on your ability to understand you and what you need/want. Having an understanding of your behavior patterns, what created them and how they’re backed by an engrained belief system (from childhood) gives you awareness into yourself and others around you.

My work and services, which I have coined as Life Therapy, are an alternative and holistic approach to conventional coaching and therapy. In my younger years, the professionals I leaned into matched the behavior patterns and environments I was raised around; feeding my co-dependency, helplessness, victimhood and inability to process, cope and function in healthy ways. I did not have an example or educated form of healthy support.

There are many life coaches, mental health professionals and holistic healing services offered nowadays (2019), however through my personal and professional experiences I’ve encountered that the vast majority are disempowering people for the sake of marketing, advertising, financial gain. Clients end up sharing with me their secondary trauma from these experiences which has fueled further drive and passion on my platforms to educate, support and guide in the healthiest and most responsible ways from social media, marketing, advertising, pricing and service offerings.

Having a space to speak, hear and process your emotions safely is key to your mental, emotional, physical health and well-being.

It’s important I inform you that processing and releasing your emotions relieves:

  • anxieties, feelings of depression (which can lead to suicidal thinking)
  • negative energy which (when) held inside (suppressed/repressed) creates physical illness/disease
  • unhealthy coping mechanisms (such as, but not limited to: manipulation, abuse, avoidance, attack, blame, judgment, jealousy, criticism, drugs/alcohol abuse)


  • Learn why you choose the partners you choose (past/present)
  • What is the driving force/pattern behind your romantic choices
  • Are there repeating patterns in your relationships (past/present) and what are they
  • Understanding why some relationships didn’t last
  • Learning how to master your energy in a romantic relationship
    • This helps to release neediness, jealousy, emotional/physical dependency on your partner
  • How to understand why you view your partner a certain way
    • Why certain fights happen
    • Understanding your feelings towards your partner (positive and negative ones)
  • Breaking the repeating patterns that aren’t serving you
  • Setting healthy emotional/physical boundaries with your partner and others outside the relationship
  • Honoring your needs
  • Mastering your self-awareness in order to master your emotional bond with another
  • Valuing yourself and increasing your standards and worth
  • Recognizing mental/emotional abuse and setting boundaries to release it
  • How to stop attracting the same types of partners

  • What does the physical pain mean
  • How to shift and transform the physical from a spiritual approach
  • What does the weight gain mean
  • What does the emotional eating mean and how to begin intentional eating
  • Mindset strategies for your physical pain/disease/ailments
  • Mindset strategies for body image
  • Learning how to spiritually approach and balance a daily fitness routine that works for you, your life and body needs

Disclaimer: Amy is not a medical professional. Amy is not a nutritionist or a professional fitness trainer. Amy does not sell supplements or fitness programs. As a spiritual adviser, certified holistic life coach and Reiki master practitioner, her work with clients around physical disease and bodywork is from a spiritual, energetic and holistic approach. The healing Amy guides you towards is from the inside out. Clients are encouraged to continue seeing their medical professionals as scheduled.  

Results & healings include (but not limited to):

  • Weight loss
  • TMJ symptoms vanished
  • Hypoglycemia symptoms gone
  • IBS regulated and balanced
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Hypothyroidism: Thyroid levels balanced (results shown in actual medical tests)
  • Severe anxiety has vanished

  • What is holding you back
  • How to breakthrough
  • Increasing your value in your brand
  • Learning how to go big, be bold and speak your truth
  • Overcoming the fear of being seen
  • Learning how to filter out clients that won’t serve you
  • Setting the right legal/physical boundaries with clientele
  • Mastering the masculine/feminine energy (action vs. allowing, doing vs. being)
  • Mindset strategies that’ll serve you, your purpose, finances and clients.
  • Learning how to navigate the online space without being consumed by the energies, approaches and must-haves from others
  • Investing in yourself
  • Mastering your intuition and trusting your gifts
  • Learning how to take inspired action in posting authentically and creating services

  • Deepening your knowledge of self
  • Trusting your intuition + tuning into your gifts
  • Mastering your energy
  • Understanding relationships
  • Practically applying spiritual wisdom (self-awareness) to your everyday life
  • + so much more based on your own individual needs and desires!

Women come to me feeling disempowered, lost, confused and stuck in their marriage or relationship and they are ready to be out. They are prepared to leave and separate their family but come to me wanting the strength and guidance on how to move forward in life. They feel like they’ve lost themselves somewhere and don’t know who they are and what they’re worth. They feel disconnected from themselves and disconnected from their life and relationship as a whole. They leave me gaining the insights and wisdom into WHY they wanted to leave in the first place and what was the block standing between them and their partner. They completely transform their relationship to themselves in the process and end up falling in love all over again with their spouse or significant other. Families are strengthened and not broken up. Marriages are saved. Children end up reaping the rewards of an unhealthy environment transforming into one fueled by and filled with unconditional love.

Men and women come to me after having worked with many other life coaches seeking guidance in their business. They want it to succeed and want to be financially independent but have “done the work” and are still feeling stuck and lost in the high volume of like-minded businesses existing in the same online space. Some are still working a job on the side just trying to get by while building their passion and dream job and investing what little they have in mentors and personal growth resources only to find no actual growth happening. They leave me having increased their prices and gaining a clear voice that they aren’t afraid to share with the world. They up their value and learn their worth all the while understanding how to incorporate that into pricing and selling their services. Their confidence skyrockets and they’re no longer scared of being seen and heard. Their energy and mindset radically shifts and when they implement the work we do together they receive money, clients, recognition, opportunities and the success they’ve been hoping for.

Men and women come to me wanting guidance and healing in their love lives. They want to know why the relationship is tumultuous. They want help ridding themselves of the severe anxiety that seems to be attached to all their romantic partners. They want to understand their partner and learn to communicate in a healthy way without screaming, yelling, ignoring, avoiding or the emotional/mental manipulation and strain. They learn how to understand the relationship spiritually with me. They gain valuable tools on how to navigate any type of situation in life or their relationship without me in the future. They learn how to set healthy boundaries and really value, honor and respect themselves in the partnership. They gain strength, confidence, trust in themselves and an unbreakable bond with their heart that gives them the lasting safety and security they were constantly seeking in an unhealthy fashion outside of themselves before. When the tools are implemented into these relationships a lot of these couples end up getting engaged shortly after and heading into marriage with a solid foundation of support, friendship, connection, unconditional love and confidence in themselves and in each other.

Women come to me wanting to change their relationship behavior patterns. They’re single or dating and not yet settled down but hoping to be in a serious committed relationship soon. They are eager to never repeat the same unhealthy thoughts, words and actions they are conscious and aware of in all their past relationships. They want strength, peace and wisdom into being able to walk into the next relationship and be confident knowing it’ll be the one that lasts. And if it’s not they want to be solid in their knowingness that nothing will ever break them again like it did in the past. They never want the past to repeat itself and know in order to make sure that doesn’t happen they need to form an unbreakable bond with themselves first. They leave me completely in love with who they really are. They’ve gained courage and boldness and found passion and purpose. They deepened their faith and transformed themselves. They feel balanced, at peace and free. They feel like they can do anything. They’re fearless in their life and positive in their self-talk and they finally know what they’re worth. They’ve learned what they’ll settle for and what they won’t and have gained the tools and the boldness to be able to speak their truth in an honest, kind, compassionate yet bold way. They stand up for themselves and know and truly value the queen that they are.