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One-on-One Guidance

As a Spiritual Life Coach + Adviser…

  • I provide you understanding into things you don’t yet understand in your life.
  • I provide you emotional guidance.
  • I provide you mental clarity.
  • I provide you spiritual support.
  • I help you connect the dots in confusing situations.
  • I shift your perspective of your struggles.
  • I see what you may be currently unable to see which is standing in-between where you would like to be and where you are now.

What I Do For You:

My goal in these one-on-one environments is to provide you emotional guidance, mental clarity and spiritual support no matter your situation. I am supporting, guiding and advising you mentally, emotionally and spiritually on any topic you bring forth into a session. A one-on-one session with me is your time to have a safe space to be vulnerable, express your emotions and receive professional guidance and insight into the situation and yourself.

The space I provide you is unconditional, loving and supportive. The guidance I provide you is honest, clear, powerful and direct. Your perception, mind and emotions will shift. Clients who have worked with me consistently agree that they receive massive mental clarity, emotional relief, breakthroughs and simple guidance in less than 30 minutes of speaking with me in a session.

How That Works:

Understanding a situation differently and making sense of it spiritually shifts your perception of it completely. Having a space to speak, hear and process your emotions safely is key to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being.

In shifting your perception of what you are feeling/seeing/believing you shift your energy. In shifting those beliefs and that energy you shift the entire experience you’re having and transform it into what you are wanting it to be.

What Does That Actually Look Like:

The mental clarity, emotional guidance and spiritual support you receive will help you understand the situation that originally felt hard and heavy differently; leaving you with clear and practical steps to get you towards where you’re going.

After a session, clients typically feel….

  • Lighter
  • Clear-minded
  • Relief
  • Supported
  • Focused
  • Confident
  • Empowered
  • Trust in themselves

Select the option below to see more about Amy’s different services and how they can meet your individual needs.


Single Sessions

This is a one-time session for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes with Amy by Skype or FaceTime.

This option is for:

  • Those who have a specific need in an area of their life they desire to fix, tweak, receive clarity into and understand instantly.
  • This can be a problem you are having in life, love, any type of relationship (platonic +/or romantic), business or finances.
  • Single sessions are best for those not currently wanting ongoing support and guidance. They’re available for those desiring clarity into a specific area quickly.

Let me look at your current situation and help you understand what is unfolding spiritually, what things mean, how it’s serving you, how to work through it and what you need to do in order to shift it in the direction you desire it to go in.

Those who have had one session with Amy have been able to:

  • Remove decades of suppressed pain + emotion from trauma.
  • Shift parental relationships from abusive/unhealthy to loving/balanced.
  • Transform unhealthy romantic relationships.
  • Get high paying clients in their business within days of making the mindset adjustments provided to them.
  • Spark interest and engagement in their services within hours of a call.
  • Completely transform marital relationships from jealous and distant to loving, compassionate + exciting.
  • Eliminate physical pain that existed in their body for years.
  • Mend broken relationships that held guilt, anger and resentment.
  • Get money flowing in immediately after months of bouncing checks and barely any income.

Below are real client testimonials (names removed for privacy):

“I’m a licensed psychotherapist. Over the last year and a half I’ve been intensely healing my own trauma history. In less than 5 min of a call with Amy, I found the clarity I needed to resolve the impact of 12 + years of childhood trauma. Have I been sifting, sorting, healing, rewiring my nervous system for years yes, but Amy broke down personal responsibility, illusion, and what forgiveness truly is in a way I have never heard before and I am an excellent student, who has worked with world renowned spiritual teachers and trauma practitioners/researchers professionally and personally. If you’re stuck, need to up-level or feel trapped within a story that’s on repeat despite what you throw at it (money, programs, healers, coaches, supplements, therapists, doctors, numbing) RUN don’t walk to Amy. Your soul will thank you!”

See more testimonials here

“I came to Amy to get help dealing with my mother and I can say the relationship has been fully repaired. I was definitely led to her by the Holy Spirit and I didn’t think twice to work with her. Later on, God told me that I manifested her. Amy is so honest and supportive. I don’t regret one minute that I spent with her and I am eternally grateful she agreed to work with me.”

What you get upon purchase:

  • (1) Skype/FaceTime (video) Call lasting from either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes
    • During our call together, I will listen to your current situation, read the energy I’m picking up on and will immediately begin to guide you to removing the negativity that is surrounding that situation and yourself. I will then provide you spiritual guidance with practical action steps to be able to shift the situation and move towards what your desired outcome is.


  • $180 for a 60 minute session

Book A 60 Min Session

  • $135 for a 45 minute session

Book A 45 Min Session

  • $105 for a 30 minute session

Book A 30 Min Session

*Once you purchase and schedule, your session is confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email of your appointment in the timezone you chose. If Amy requires further information prior to your session she will contact you at the information you provided at purchase. Single sessions must currently be booked within (1) month of purchase or they expire.

Packaged Sessions

This is a two month bundle of (4) sessions for 60 minutes with Amy by Skype or FaceTime with additional support through email +/or Facebook Messenger. 

This option is for:

  • Those who would like ongoing emotion, mental and spiritual guidance and support with Amy.
  • Those who would like unlimited additional access to Amy’s support and guidance in-between session times.

Packaged sessions give clients the ability to purchase several call times with Amy in advance and have unlimited daily access to her spiritual guidance in-between those session times. (*Additional support is available until the final session of the package is scheduled. Bundled sessions of (4) must be scheduled within 60 days of purchase.)

Total price for (2) months (with unlimited access between calls):

  • $1,500

Purchase + Schedule Sessions

Can’t pay in full? No sweat!

The payment plan option for this bundle is just (16) payments of $95.  Please email Amy at directly to claim this option and get started.

*If you are working within a specific budget for a package, please select Custom Packages to create something within your price range!

Custom Packages

Here is where you can customize your own packages with Amy by Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or in-person.

This option is for:

  • Individuals who do not see what they want/need above.
  • Individuals who would like to work with Amy for a longer period of time.
  • Individuals who would like to bundle more sessions together in a package.
  • Individuals who have a specific budget they’d like to work with.
  • Individuals who would like to customize session lengths/times.
  • Individuals who would like to customize the way they receive their support.

What you need to know:

  • Customizing your own package will allow you to create something unique to your needs.
  • Make your sessions into what you want them to be by choosing any level of support like audio, video, text, email, Facebook message support and keep it within in a certain budget of your choosing.

Fill out the information below to receive custom package options for you:

How many sessions are you interested in? (required)

How long would you like each session? (required)

How do you prefer your sessions? (required)
Phone (audio only)Skype (required if outside the US)FaceTime

Do you have a budget? (required)

What is your budget?

Is there anything else you'd like to add? *check all that apply
Additional text/Facebook Messenger support between sessionsAccess to the Inner Genius Membership + monthly live classesSplit my packaged sessions with a family member/child/partner

Would you like payment plan options provided to you? (required)

Do you have a payment plan minimum payment you prefer?

*In-person sessions are upon direct request only. Travel restrictions apply. Email/Text/Facebook Messenger Guidance is available. Select the drop down for Email Guidance at the bottom of this page.

Amy will contact you within 24 hours via email with custom package options based on your selections above.

Email Guidance

These packages are designed for individuals who would like monthly guidance, support and accountability with Amy through text, email +/or Facebook messenger.

This option is for:

  • Individuals who want access to Amy to stay on track with their mindset, energy, emotions + spirituality.
  • Individuals who do not want or need to speak with Amy in a session but would prefer to ask questions and communicate in writing through text, email +/or Facebook messenger.

How to get started:

  • Select your package below. If you’d like to book several months in advance, contact to create a custom package at a custom price point for you.
  • Amy will contact you at the email provided at purchase to get started within 24 hours. Please email with questions/concerns.

When purchasing a package of sessions, you will be able to immediately schedule session #1. Amy will directly contact you at the contact information you provide at sign up to provide you the information in scheduling the rest of your packaged sessions.

Please note that due to the influx of clientele wanting to work with Amy, payment plans are made available upon direct request by contacting us at for plan options.

Working with Amy at a longer extended period of time is available. Please contact Amy at directly to discuss details, options and customize something specific to serve your exact needs.

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